Friday, 17 August 2012

Underrated Vol.5

For those of you who like the pop outsiders such as Marina, Catcall, Jessie Ware or Jessie & The Toy Boys, I'd like to introduce you to the very underrated, yet fabulous, CocknBullKid.

I've been looking forward to hearing the album for such a long time. I discovered Anita Blay in 2008 with her promising debut song On My Own. However, it is nothing compared to the pop excellence she reached with her full length Adulthood released by Moshi Moshi/Island Records . The album is full of up tempo classy pop songs and her voice is so sweet. It's very british, very 80's and, like a lot of pop artists today, she manages to deliver a very sophisticated, yet popular, music.

CocknBullKid already collaborated with great artists like Hercules & Love Affair or Gonzales and she's currently working on a new album according to CocknBullKid's blog. Let's have a look at my favorite music video released for Adulthood and I hope you'll like it

This is just so nice to see humble and talented people like her. CocknBullKid, I wish you the best

See you readers!

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