Monday, 10 September 2012

News of the week Vol.2

Picture of the week: all the great books I borrowed at the library.

♡ I totally adore Julie Delpy. She's one of the smartest women on earth for sure. She's beautiful, clever and funny. I watched her on Au Coeur de la Nuit on Arte. I missed it on TV so I was really happy to find it online. I did not really care about his partner during the show to be honest. However, I discovered a short movie that she directed titled J'ai peur, j'ai mal, je meurs. If you want to see her acting in a short movie, try Notting Till Anxiety Festival taken from Guilty Hearts (the whole movie is quite boring but her fragment is nice and moving). Finally, I was really happy to see that Julie Delpy is a fan of the great Gustave Moreau... she visits the museum in Paris during the show. It was one of her main influences for her incredible movie La Comtesse.

♡ During the TV show, Julie Delpy also says that she lived in the same building as Sean Yseult from White Zombie. I have always loved her. She's so cool. She recently published a scrapbook compiling a lot of images from the early WZ era and all the gigs they did with awesome bands. The book is called I'm in the Band and it looks great. She seems to be a very nice and passionate person. It reminds me that I have always loved female bassists... Talena Atfield, Jennifer Finch, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Rayna Foss-Rose.

♡ Talking about female bassists, I recently saw that Janis Tanaka not only starred in the all star movie The Year of My Japanese Cousin but also in Live Freaky Die Freaky and Down and Out With Dolls. I'm really interested in watching the last one!

Juliette Lewis also participated to the Arte TV show. However, I have to admit that I'm less interested in Juliette nowadays. She used to be so crazy and super cool... but things have changed. I recently discovered the movie That Night starring JL by Craig Bolotin. It looks really cute and old school, I need to find this asap!

♡ Talking about Juliette Lewis, here is the underrated movie of the week: Hysterical Blindness. Starring JL and Uma Thurman, it is a pretty decent movie portraying the daily life of two best friends looking for love in the 80's.

♡ This week, I finally listened to the last Trance to the Sun record. It's a rarities & B sides album and it's really cool. If you already like them or darkwave in general, you'll love this release. Lots of dark and mesmerizing songs. If you are in the mood for gothic stuff and you want to dig Tess Records a bit more, you can have a look at this very affordable compilation. And if you are on the Projekt website, don't miss the second edition of their dark cabaret collection!

♡ Talking about good music, I saw few days ago that a documentary about Andrew Wood from Mother Love Bone came out. It's called Malfunkshun and it looks pretty awesome!

♡ I recently came across a documentary called FLicKeR. Initially, I was interested in it because I saw that Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Marianne Faithfull were interviewed but anyway. Here is a short description taken from "Genesis Breyer P. Orridge is featured among notable figures discussing Brion Gysin's Dream Machine in the documentary film FLicKeR. The Dream Machine was/is a simple machine that uses light to create a trippy state of mind - that was the brainwave of artist/poet/mystic Brion Gysin. Gysin understood the movement of light and how it could contribute to altered states of mind, and FLicKeR is a documentary about his life and his work.Genesis was a friend and artistic collaborator with Gysin, they had a mutual friend in William Burroughs and all three were admirers of and befriended members of the legendary troupe of Moroccan trance musicians, The Master Musicians of Jajouka". I do think it is worth watching.

♡ This week, I listened a LOT to Big Eyes, a fantastic punk/garage rock band with a female vocalist. For fans of Screaming Females and The Muffs!

♡ I had no idea but Divorce released a video in 2012... How come I missed it, it's HOT as hell! Awesome video and song. Twisted and wicked... just what I wanted!

♡ My last music crush is Shrag. This band is wonderful. You guys need to check the album. It becomes quite unusual for me to find original post punk bands but this one is outstanding... with a remarkable female vocalist OF COURSE.

♡ I saw Snow White and the Huntsman... and I only liked the beginning of the movie. It was a real disappointment because I was convinced that I would like it...

♡ However, I really liked Louise Wimmer. A very strong and honest movie about the difficult daily life of a woman living in her car and struggling to earn money and keep up with her life. Powerful movie and amazing actress.

♡ I quite liked Twixt by Coppola. It's hard to have a real opinion about this movie because it mingles so many great stuff and ridiculous ideas. However, I found it somehow moving and appealing for the goth kid that I still am.

♡ I'm looking forward to watching Seaside by Julie Lopes-Curval. I did not have the time this week.

♡ Classic of the week would be Liquid Sky. It's always a pleasure to watch this marvelous movie.

♡ Finally, I watched Bambieffekten, a Norwegian curiosity dealing with two young girls who meet online with the common project to commit suicide... It's not the best movie I've seen about this subject but the actors are pretty good, the music is well chosen and the whole tension is well managed throughout the movie.

♡ I seriously love the new collection by Noctex. It's very Taylor Momsen but I adore the refined and delicate head jewelry.

Keep rocking and see you next week :)

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