Sunday, 2 September 2012

News of the week

It's September and it's time to begin a new collection of posts on my blog. Each week, I'm going to post an article with short presentations about stuff I've read/watched/listened to during the last 7 days.

Picture of the week: Nan Goldin because I'm totally obsessed with her work and because... she's wonderful.

♡ I am a big fan of the American stop-motion animation studio Laika. I love what they did on the adaptation of Coraline, the Neil Gaiman fantastic/gothic short novel. So, I was really excited to see the new Laika movie, ParaNorman. The movie is an absolute treasure. The animation is fabulous, the dark atmosphere is very well done and the story is catchy. But seriously half of the comments on the FB page come from angry and upset parents. They are all very scared... not because of the zombies in the movie... but because one of the characters happens to be gay. I can't believe people can be so narrow minded...

♡ I watched Dark Shadows by Tim Burton and it's one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. I'm actually very scared when I know he's supposed to adapt The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman! You'd better work a whole lot more Tim... you can't destroy that story. About Neil Gaiman, I just received and read Harlequin Valentine. The story is ok, the drawings/paintings are a bit disappointing but the cover artwork is wonderful.

♡ I'm tempted to try the Abarat collection by Clive Barker... I wonder how I've never heard about these books before. Sounds pretty good to me.

We Were Here is a documentary about the arrival and the impact of AIDS in San Francisco in the early 80's. You can imagine it's not an easy-watching documentary... it's hard, heartbreaking and very emotional. But it's very interesting and inspiring. I was really moved when I finished watching the doc.

♡ Back to school? Don't forget your amazing schoolbag by Fleet Ilya. Exquisite and refined goods to love.

♡ Have you checked the last Testament album? It's a great piece of old school trash metal. I love what they did covering Dragon Attack by Queen. Never liked Queen but I totally feel this cover.

♡ You like female artists and you love work made with passion and violence? You should get Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction: "A visceral look at the bizarre entanglement of destructive and creative forces, Live Through This is a collection of original stories, essays, artwork, and photography. It explores the use of art to survive abuse, incest, madness and depression, and the often deep-seated impulse toward self-destruction including cutting, eating disorders, and addiction. Taken together, these artful reflections offer an honest and hopeful journey through a woman's silent rage, through the power inherent in struggles with destruction, and the ensuing possibilities of transforming that burning force into the external release of art. With contributions by Nan Goldin, Bell Hooks, Patricia Smith, Cristy C. Road, Carol Queen, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Carolyn Gage, Eileen Myles, Fly, Diane DiMassa, Bonfire Madigan Shive, Inga Muscio, Kate Bornstein, Toni Blackman, Nicole Blackman, Silas Howard, Daphne Gottleib, and Stephanie Howell." Sounds awesoooooooome, don't you think?!

♡ Talking about Annie Sprinkle, she is part of a 45 minute documentary about the myth of the High School slut. Best Documentary' Winner of the Atlantic Film Festival, it is definitely worth watching. Oh and yes... Peaches is also interviewed. Good old Peaches, long time no see!

♡ I just read Master of Fashion Illustration and it's a very cool book to own. Lots of beautiful illustrations by great artists. My favorite ones are Erté, J.C. Leyendecker and Tony Viramontes. I just wish René Gruau was featured in the book though. By the way if you like illustrations, you NEED to visit Mydelineatedlife which is basically the best illustration blog I have ever visited. I am so glad I discovered George Stavrinos's work on this blog.

♡ I came across Do I look fat?, a documentary dealing with male anorexia. It is pretty unusual to find educational material about this neglected issue and there are some documents available on the website.

♡ I am totally in love with Hail Spirit Noir, an original progressive rock/black metal band mixing both music styles with an incredible talent. Hail spirit spirit noir... ♪ ♫

♡ A bit of glamour to conclude... the new Agent Provocateur collection has been revealed. The pictures are really disappointing but this product in particular grabs my attention.

See you next week readers!

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