Monday, 1 October 2012

News of the week Vol.5

The Artist is Present is a fine documentary by Matthew Akers about the grandmother of performance art, Marina Abramovic. Even though Matthew Akers uses some biographical elements, the doc is mainly based on Marina's recent performance at MoMA museum. The doc is nicely edited and rather stylish. The main focus is put on Marina and everything that comes up to her mind before, during and after the performance at MoMA museum. She is strong, beautiful and sensitive. I love her. When she was sitting at MoMA, looking into people's eyes, she says: "I never saw so much pain. People are afraid to express their inner feelings, but when you go inside, you'll see it. People live in so much pain. I understand it." (Harpers Bazaar). Don't hesitate to watch the doc, you won't regret this journey inside Marina's deep and breathtaking art.

♡ If you also think that Tool's third album Ænima is one of the most amazing albums of the 90's...  don't miss the doc Ultimate Review. You won't learn much things if you already like Tool but it's a great opportunity to re discover the band.

Xtina is back! The song is shitty but the whole video is nice and I'm so happy to see her wearing a sexy stripper dress even though she's not as skinny as she used to be! I have always loved her. Stripped and Bionic are amazing pop albums. I love how the divalicious Carmen Electra introduced her back in 2002 on MTV when she revolutionized the mainstream pop world with Dirrty: “A woman who had an incredible year, she transformed herself with a stripped down album and an unforgettable look, becoming a black leather ultra hottie with a powerful voice to match. She is Christina Aguilera!.”

♡ Ok now that's bad but I can't help it... I like Kristen Stewart. I just found that cute short movie starring Kristen and Dakota Fanning (both of them were pretty good in The Runaways btw).

♡ I watched A Home at the End of the World. The movie is based on a Michael Cunningham book. It is not a masterpiece but the first half is really well directed and emotional. The actors are excellent (Colin Farell is very surprising and talented) and the soundtrack, above all, is great. Suzanne by Leonard Cohen, Desiree by Laura Nyro... These songs are so beautiful.

♡ I finally watched Sleep Tight by Jaume Balagueró. I was a bit disappointed by the movie itself. I expected something much more stressful and twisted. Still, Luis Tosar is always perfect and the building where they all live is an incredible piece of art in the Gaudi style.

♡ For the French speakers, don't miss the illustration and graphic literature magazine Hors Cadres. It is a very high quality and professional magazine with great references. They even have a whole issue dealing with the use of the black color. All the past issues are available on the website.

♡ If you love Tori Amos, don't miss her new album with orchestral new interpretations of her songs. Her new face may be a bit disturbing but she's still the one super talented goddess.

♡ On my "to watch" list, Eastern Plays by Kamen Kalev, the Bulgarian film director. He also made a film with the lovely Laetitia Casta. I really want to know more about him.

♡ If you love big beautiful women and weird Japanese illustration, don't miss Namio Harukawa. According to the website: "Osaka artist Namio Harukawa is well known for his drawings of dominant women sitting on the faces of weak and submissive men. The women are generously proportioned and their rounded figures overwhelm the small men. Their faces remain impassive yet pleased." Many art masters are featured on the website: Fuco Ueda, Suehiro Maruo, Takato Yamamoto...

♡ I've been reading a lot of comics lately and I'm really curious to watch Crumb, the documentary by the great Terry Zwigoff. Also, if you like comics, note that the NY Times made available a free pdf version of Daniel Clowes's Mister Wonderful. It may not be his best, for sure, but it's still worth reading.

♡ If you like Black Metal/Drone/Folk with deep and beautiful female vocals... don't miss the new Menace Ruine's release (SIGE Records). Also, I did not know that Geniève Beaulieu had a side project called Preterite. It sounds awesome!

♡ If you want to try something poppier after the Menace Ruine apocalyptic music, try The Lovely Eggs. They're pop punk at its best. It's punk fun, it's cute... I love them.

♡ Also Elizabeth, Javier Varela's new band (former vocalist of the great band Nostromo), offers their new album for free. If you like Converge/Rise and Fall you will probably like it!

♡ I recently fell in love with Jessika Kenney's music. It's amazingly beautiful. 

♡ To conclude, I've been to a local LGBT film festival and I was able to watch a documentary directed by Daniel Lance about Edmund White. I only knew The Farewell Symphony by EW but now I really want to read his other books. He seems to be a very clever and sensitive man.

Have a good week, listen to Marianne Faithfull and enjoy some Seiichi Hayashi illustrations, xxx

PS: Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction second edition with preface by Amanda Palmer is finally OUT!

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