Saturday, 6 October 2012

News of the week Vol.6

Oh Traci, Traci... I love you.

♡ I decided to put that delicious picture of Traci Lords at the top of the article because I've finally watched her last film Excision. The movie directed by Richard Bates Jr. tells the story of Pauline, a young troubled girl exploring her sexuality and questioning rules/norms/teenage life and parental authority. I love how politically incorrect and non conformist the film is. It is raw, gruesome and totally fucked up. The actors are all really good and it's a real pleasure to see Traci Lords in an unusual and serious role. She has serious actor skills. The movie is a bit all over the place and lacks cohesion though. I expected a bit more considering the great trailer/promotional pictures but it is definitely worth watching.

♡ Another long-awaited movie was Dark Horse by one of my favorite movie director Todd Solondz. I had very high expectations for that movie and I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. Todd is still very good at portraying the human complexity and the so-called American dream. However, it is obvious that this last movie does not compare with Happiness for example. It is much more generic. I would say that the first part of the movie and the great actors save the movie. Also, the opening sequence features the underrated Kid Sister, and that's awesome!

♡ Currently going through a Paradise Kiss/Nana phase, I decided to watch the Paradise Kiss movie. Trust me, if you like the book, do not watch it! It is so bad that it's painful to watch. The actors have nothing in common with the book characters, the story is totally transformed, the outfits are awful... I was so disappointed with it. Stick to the books, always!

♡ If you like Ai Yazawa and beautiful illustrations, I would advise you to check The New Age of Feminine Drawing, a book compiling works by Akari Inoguchi, Annika Wester (special ♥ for her), Carine Brancowitz (special ♥ for her), Cecilia Carlstedt, Cedric Rivrain, Christina K. Coco, Elisa Johns, (the incredible) Laura Laine, Lotie, Maren Esdar, Jarno Kettunen and more. I've never read it but it does carry some great artists for sure! For more amazing Japanese illustration, try this. It's a never ending spiral of astonishment.

♡ Similarly, I would be very happy to own Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism by Patricia Allmer. The book looks amazing. I guess it is linked to the Manchester Art Gallery based exhibition Angels of Anarchy. If you can't afford the book (very expansive/out of stock on most of the website I've checked) and you don't live near Manchester... you can still visit the website of the gallery and have access to a lot of great materials including the biographies of all the artists and audio files! It's time to discover the surrealist girls, the well known and the more obscure ones.

♡ Talking about weir stuff, I never knew that HR Giger was the curator of an exhibition about cars bestiality titled Carnivora-The Dark Art of Automobile. Since I'm a HUGE fan of Crash by Cronenberg () and I love the aesthetic of old/futurist/concept cars I'm pretty excited! CARNIVORA features an international group of 112 artists and writers! George Petros who took part in the creation of the exhibition book also released Art That Kills: A Panoramic Portrait of Aesthetic Terrorism 1984-2001. I'm pretty curious now!!

♡ Enough with art and cinema, let's talk about sex music! It's a very good time for music as the new Converg album and the new Anaal Nathrakh album are coming soon. After a split with Napalm Death, Converge is finally coming back with a full length album. I've loved all their records until now and I hope the new album won't disappoint. Regarding Anaal Nathrakh, I've also loved all their records until now and they are for me one of the best metal bands out there. I've rarely seen something as violent/visceral/crazy as their music. Plus, the singer is really clever and humble.

♡ Less violent but also cool as hell, I have finally listened to Slash recent albums. I loved Beautiful Dangerous with Fergie when it came out. Objectively, whether you like Fergie or not, you cannot say that it's not a great FM hard rock song. So, I discovered the other songs featuring Fergie, the covers Sweet Child O Mine and Paradise City. And it's really awesome. I've always loved Fergie and I think I'm right when I say that she MUST quit the awful Black Eyed Peas and go for a solo career. One other surprise was Baby Can't Drive featuring Alice Cooper and... Nicole Scherzinger. I really really don't like her but one cannot deny that this is also pretty amazing!

♡ To continue with the surrealist women, I was listening to the Jarboe collaboration with Kirlian Camera, A Woman's Dream. I really love that song and, for once, I managed to find a nice youtube fan video for it! I cannot wait for another Jarboe album. Apparently, she's been touring a lot lately though. If you live in Paris, don't miss her gig with the great Unison on October 17th.

♡ If you love female vocalists as much as I do, don't miss Monster. She's similar to all the very best 90's female singers/song writers but she's amazingly talented. She's not a copycat for sure. In the same style, you can also check the beautiful Meg Myers I presented before on my blog. Both are pure golden treasures. 

♡ To conclude, don't miss Teratogenesis, the new REVOCATION EP available for free at Scion Audio Visual. Check the SAV website as there are many good stuff to grab!

Ok, so basically my project for the week end is to rent a room, put white paper on all the walls, draw on it, listen to Abigor and Godspeed You! Black Emperor and, then, create a book out of my performance. SOUNDS TOTALLY AWESOME, don't you think?!! 

See you readers, xxx!

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