Tuesday, 16 October 2012

News of the week Vol.7

"An amazing testament to strength, courage and inner beauty that transcends society's standards of outer beauty. Seriously, brilliant." Tina Carroll about the Scar Project

♡ I watched Baring It All, the documentary based on the photography Scar Project created by David Jay. It was a really interesting doc featuring several women with breast cancer who decided to take pictures of themselves to show what breast cancer is. There is no voyeurism in this doc, it is only based on deep and emotional testimonies from strong survivors. October 2012 is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so spread the word!

♡ Last week, I was talking about George Petros. I had no idea he published a book titled THE NEW TRANSSEXUALS The Next Step In Human Evolution, and... it is available for free on the website! Taken from the website: "In The New Transsexuals: The Next Step In Human Evolution, George Petros, author of Art That Kills, examines the social dynamics of sex changing and rearranging, and presents in interview form a snapshot of the Transsexual Revolution. Fred H. Berger, once publisher of Propaganda Magazine, provides the introduction. Interviewers Petros, Manuel Vasquez, Rio Warner, John Aes-Nihil and Stanton LaVey probe Transsexuals and Transgender-identified individuals (as well as Annie Sprinkle, a gal with a hands-on fetish for Trans guys) about who they are, what they do and what they want. The interviewees range from academics and professionals to hustlers and whores. They include porn stars Buck Angel and Bailey Jay, the "pregnant man" Thomas Beatie, Trans surgeon Dr. Marci Bowers, former Life of Agony frontman Mina Caputo, Punk icons Jayne County and Ginger Coyote, our cover diva Amanda Lepore, and Howard Stern's favorite Trans person, Siobhan Meow.". Some of the interviews come from Seconds Magazine

♡ I was reading an article about Eiko Ishioka and I realized I never talked about her tragic death. She was the super amazing costume designer for great movies such as The Cell, The Fall or Dracula and also collaborated with Bjork for Cocoon. A nice book was released about her work by the way. And I realize I've never really investigated the costume field. I need to google/youtube some big names!

♡ If you love the visceral work of Eiko Ishioka, you'll probably like The Primal Screamer by Nick Blinko. Presented as a "semi-autobiographical novel from the Rudimentary Peni leading light plunging into the worlds of madness, suicide and anarchist punk." Sounds pretty extreme?! I want it. And I want Alice Bag's book. But I said it MANY times before :)

♡ I watched the new Jamie Babbit movie titled Breaking the Girl... and it was really disappointing. The movie looks like a TV film and is pretty much the same as Sex Crimes... sex, manipulation, betrayals, twists and so on and so on... The soundtrack is nice but I cannot believe Jamie Babbit, the director of the great But, I'm a cheerleader released something so not exciting!

♡ I watched Terri by Azazel Jacobs which was much more interesting.  It was a very emotional movie dealing with the difficulty of growing as an obese teenager in a complicated environment. I think the movie is much more than a typical "Sundance" film. The main actor is astonishing, very talented. I did not know that director but he has done some good stuff that I need to check asap.

♡ On my to watch list, Somersault by the Australian director Cate Shortland.

♡ I've never heard about this PaperDoll before but it sure has some great illustrations! Gypsy Rose Lee, Erté, Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, Esther Williams...

♡ I have a huge "to listen to" list at the moment: new Anaal Nathrakh, new Neurosis, new Iggy Azalea, new Fen... It's getting pretty crazy at the moment with all the new releases!!

♡ And as usual, some beautiful illustration by Leonetto Cappiello and Achille Mauzan... I could spend my whole life looking at these beautiful pictures.

♡ Useless news of the week: the new Toxic Vision collection is out and it's awesome as usual. Sexy as hell!

♡ Just found that serie of interviews with a lot of women involved in the metal scene (singers, journalists, poets...)! Karyn Crisis, Gazelle Amber Valentine, Morgan Lander... sounds pretty cool to me!

♡ To conclude, many of you probably know that I love female MCs and, among others, Salt 'N Pepa. I don't even think it's possible not to love them anyway... they're like... so cool it cannot be expressed with words. So, I discovered a metal remix of their song None of Your Business and it's the most amazing remix I've heard in my entire life! I can just listen to this on repeat forever!! I love it!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It is so funny when they perform that remixed song in front of the most boring audience in the world haha, have a look. By the way, I wonder if this book about SNP is interesting...?! Anyone?

I'm sorry I was quite busy last week and it's a bit late for this article but I hope you like it :)

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