Monday, 17 September 2012

News of the week Vol.3

Loving the Alberto Juan online Shop.

♡ I am currently going through a neo metal revival. I'm still totally moved when I listen to KoЯn debut album. It's so emotional and raw. Watching Jonathan Davis recording Daddy in the studio is so hard considering the meaning of the song... breathtaking. Talking about neo metal, you guys need to check The Human Abstract. The album called Digital Veil is a real treasure in the Deftones style.

♡ I totally forgot how much I loved Lords of Acid when I was a teenager. Lust, Voodoo-U and The Little Secrets... 3 albums that I really adored back in the days... sexy, trash, hot, vulgar and funny. The perfect mix to dance like crazy in your room. The first singer, now called Cherrie Blue, released a solo album in the style of LOA and TKK, maybe a bit more easy listening. But they ALL have done SO MANY stuff, it's just crazy and impossible to find/know everything! If you like them, you should also check Alice in Videoland

♡ The current line-up of the all star band Bomb Gang Girlz accompanying My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult just released a full length album and it seems really cool! You can find more information about both bands here. So many great girls were involved in BGG at some points: Carmen Marusich, Christina Petro, Jacky Blaque, Laura Gomel, Louanne Ponder, Lydia Lunch, Pepper Somerset, Rhonda Bond, Ruth McArdle, Sekret DeZyre, Shawn Christopher, Sinderella Pussie, Viva Nova... HOW COOL IS THAT? SUPER COOL! I love all star bands

♡ Do you remember Fatima's old school super hit Warm Eyes? Well, the lovely woman is back with an awesome song titled Phone Line. Don't miss it... she's gonna get big one day. 

♡ I found some old CD's in my room and I was really happy to listen to Munshy again. I loved this band when I was younger. The female singer, Faustine Berardo, is a talented person, a kind of mix between Portishead and KoЯr. Apparently, the singer released several decent albums with a new formation called Orchester.

♡ Did you guys listen to Cadaveria's album Horror Metal? To be honest, considering the artwork and the title of the album, I was not SO excited about it... but I was wrong it is an awesome album! You guys need to check this out asap!

♡ I just found one of the best music blog of the entire blogosphere: Nathannothinsez. Seriously, so MANY amazing stuff have been posted on that blog, it's just crazy. Times Square OST, Invisible Chains, The Geraldine Fibbers, Brainiacs, The Twits, Enigma Variations, Alley Cats, Frightwig, Sick F*cks, Pussy, Suckdolls, Retardos... AAAAAAH!!!!!!!

COUP DE COEUR OF THE WEEK: Death Ride '69 and everything related to that band!!!

♡ I have finally seen The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. The movie was really hard to watch, very emotional and moving. Mathieu Amalric is perfect as usual. The whole movie is a very beautiful ode to life. Sometimes it gets a bit cheesy with the very dramatic voices and the images of landscapes and all but, well, I loved it anyway. Plus, the music is really beautiful. I am a huge fan of Mathieu Amalric, imo he's the ultimate incarnation of the sexy French intellectual and sensitive man. My favorite movies starring MA are L'Histoire de Richard O., Rois et Reines and Comment je me suis disputé ma vie sexuelle.

I also watched Les Anges Exterminateurs by Jean-Claude Brisseau. Many people talked about it with me for the past years so I finally decided to try it. And I was pretty disappointed to be honest. The whole sexual thing of the movie is pretty boring, the philosophical stakes are not so interesting, the actors are not always convincing... I admit that some scenes are well directed and there is definitely something special about the atmosphere of the movie but I was not impressed.

♡ The surprise of the week was Breathing by Karl Markovics. It's a deep movie about an incarcerated young man, working at the morgue, who tries to build a new life to come to terms with the crime he committed. The actors are really good, the atmosphere is deep and moving. The story of the young man is quite emotional. I was really into that movie and thought about it the whole night after watching it.

♡ Another very VERY good surprise was the Danish movie Nothing's all bad by Mikkel Munch-Fals. This is a chorale movie (and an excellent one, which is quite unusual!) involving four different persons. They all can be considered more or less as misfits in the normative society but they end up finding something positive to link them. I loved it. It's a wonderful movie about loneliness, maybe one of the best I have ever seen dealing with this delicate subject. A MUST SEE.

♡ I'm currently reading Women of the Underground: Music - Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves. This is an AMAZING book, it makes so happy to read what all these fabulous women have to say. It is very, VERY inspiring. Can't wait for the second volume about Women in Art to come out!

♡ To finish, I just found the documentary made by Ulrich Seidl called Models. I am very very excited so I wanted to it for you guys! 

Love you readers, xxx

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