Friday, 16 March 2012

Must visit

The three blogs of Nasty G are among the best blogs on the entire blogosphere imo. I am really glad he accepted to answer some questions and I encourage all my readers to discover hiw work.

Can you please present yourself and your websites!
Nasty G from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - currently run three blogs - The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars, Lost Pop Treasures and Crown Jewels Of Pop (which is currently inactive)

Who are you all time female icons?
I have so many all-time female icons, but the three that stand out most are Olivia Newton-John during my childhood, Vanity during my teen years, and Kylie Minogue during my adult life.

Which dead celebrity would you like to resuscitate?
If I could resuscitate a dead celebrity I'd likely choose Aaliyah, as she was a risk taker with a unique voice who was just getting into her groove. There are many who copy her style now, but had she lived she would have been a major star today.

Best gig you went to? Best gig you would image?
Best gig I went to was by far Kylie's Aphrodite tour. One word - amazing! Best one I would imagine is her upcoming Anti-Tour doing stripped down rarer tracks. I desperately hope it comes to Canada!

If you could turn back time, when would you like to go back and how?
If I could turn back time I'd like to live in the late 1970s as an adult. Such a fun and free time. I was only a child then, and I wish I had been old enough to get into the bars and party then! LOL

If you could be someone else for a day, who would that be and why?
I'm not sure I would ever want to be someone else, but if I had to I think I'd like to be Grace Jones. I'd love to know what her life is like and how she ticks because she is so bizarre!

What is your very last girl crush? boy crush?
My last girl crush would have to be Camila Grey of Uh Huh Her. I recently saw their latest video and there is just something so sensual about her. And I have many boy crushes, but my current would have to be Adam Levine. I watch The Voice just to watch him. ;)

What is your best discovery on the internet, an album that you were looking for many years for example?
I'd have to say my most exciting discoveries on the internet so far have been the singles by Goddess released after The Sexual Album. It is my fave album but I thought it was all she recorded, and then through the internet I learned that she released three more singles and I managed to track them down. Unfortunately I recently found out that she has passed away. :( And thanks to my blog, many visitors have provided me with albums on my wantlist, which is my favourite thing about doing the blogs. I actually started The Isle to provide a place where people could download "forgotten" albums that they cannot find anywhere else, and I am happy that so many people seem to enjoy it. My quest for rare albums online was my motivation.

What are your future projects?
I'm thinking of creating a few more blogs focusing on rare music (especially newer stuff), not so much for download but just to spotlight it. But since Megaupload and Mulitupload died, I have been spending most of my time trying to re-upload all of the music back onto the blogs, unfortunately.

Anything to add?
Nothing else to add except thanks to you for asking for the interview and to everyone who digs my blogs. Oh, and those amazing people who have shared music with me either on blogs or directly. A shared love of music is a happy and amazing thing.

To conclude I'm going to show you some videos and I'd like you to tell me one word to decribe what you feel about each one!
a) I love Crossover! One word - eclectic.
b) I love MPHO too! One word - reverential.
c) Vanessa is featured on my blog too. One word - belle.
d) Of course I love Shakespear's Sister and especially this song. One word - innovative.
e) Wow, this I've never heard before. One word - surprising?
f) Just got into this a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE female MCs. One word - outstanding!



  1. I love his blogs, I always find lovely mucic. Thanks for the interwiev.

  2. You're welcome, happy to see someone commenting on it :)