Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dora & Melchior

Two virtual friends of mine are friends. They are passionate and nice. I decided to ask Dora Moutot to answer questions about Melchior Tersen and vice versa. Let's see what I got!

Can you please present Melchior in few words?
Outspoken, talented and outraged.

What's your favorite thing about Melchior?
He's totally honest and CURIOUS.

Best experience with Melchior?
Going to India with him. It was a disaster when we were there, but years later, it's a lot of good memories!

Artistic project you would like to do with Melchior?
I would totally travel again with Melchior. We were maybe thinking of going to this industrial rave goth festival in germany to take pictures and do a reportage.

Melchior's art in 5 words?
Sharp, smart, weird, poetic.

Threesome with Melchior, you and ?
No sex between Melchior and I! Only friendship! So no threesome!

Artistic collaboration with Melchior, you and?
Collab with...Martin Parr (but Melchior told me he's an asshole...)

Flat share with Melchior you and?
Flatshare with Melchior and Nicky Knox!

You can travel back time with Melchior, when do you want to go back and why?
I would just like to see Melchior as a hippy in San Franscico! The idea just makes me laugh...

Your personal current projects?
La Gazette du Mauvais gout! More articles, more shoots, more reportages, organizing events and parties around kitsch and bad taste. Probably a fanzine with Styron Lundberg!

Can you please present Dora in few words?
Dora is a passionate person. She has a real and strong knowledge about the theme she talks about on her website. I've seen her tastes becoming more accurate across the time and, today, she may be the most professional person I know in this field. She is living it, she's not an internet poser. She is a pioneer. You just have to look at her FB pictures to see that she's sincere and real. She's a real anthropologist!

What's your favorite thing about Dora?
I low how enthusiastic she is. She's always in when you propose something and that's pretty unusual! Also I love how crazy she can get about subjects that 95% of people don't even understand.

Best experience with Dora?
2 years ago we went to India together, we've never been there before... it was special but we had a great time! She made macarons with her hair, had a tie dye tee shirt with a dungaree, and also a pair of Vans with pink elephants on them... it was special!

Artistic project you would like to do with Dora?
There are a lot, we have many common interests! For sure, I'd like to do reports with her.

Dora's art in 5 words?
Curious, avant garde, ambitious, popular, specialized

Threesome with Dora, you and ?
Ariel, the little mermaid

Artistic collaboration with Dora, you and?
Lil Kim or Lindsay Lohan

Flat share with Dora you and?
Model Charlotte Free

You can travel back time with Dora, when do you want to go back and why?
80's, I don't see any other period that I'd like to come back to.

Your personal current projects?
Several exhibitions in Paris: Les Gymnopédies (31/03) with lots of other French artists, I'll have a wall during the Blood Brothers music fest and also an exhibition with Fanny Schlichter and the help of my friend Mathyld.

Thank you dolls.

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  1. Aceness questions ! The answers weren't bad, either. ha !
    x x x