Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Natvres Mortes Illvstration ♥

I recently discovered Natvres Mortes Illvstration and I absolutely love his work. Here is a short interview to introduce him!

What are the different steps you go through working on a piece of art?
For a commissioned piece a dialogue is started between the band and myself about any concepts or themes they may have in mind already before I begin. Sometimes it gets really specific like reviewing lyrics. I procure a reference from the internet or a book. Sometimes I do a rough sketch to show, then once that's approved I outline most of it in pencil and begin inking. This sounds very boring.

All your artworks are in black and white. What are the emotions and meanings that you associate with these two colors? Have you ever been tempted to use other colors?
I like black and white or grey for its simplicity and graphic quality. The concept of lighter shapes looming out of the dark like in a Goya black painting, a Harry Clark or a Redon piece is also a big part of why I choose to work this way. The contrast created by black and grey is ideal for what I'm trying to accomplish, so I haven't been too tempted to incorporate other colors. I have drawn on colored paper before.

What was your first reaction when you saw one of your artwork tattooed on someone? Is tattoo art something that you would like to investigate?
Having my artwork tattooed on someone is the utmost compliment. There can be no question as to whether or not a work of art has impact when I see it permanently on someone's skin. More people than I ever thought have gotten my artwork tattooed and I greet it with excitement each time. Tattooing is something I'm currently undertaking. I'm learning how to tattoo right now, and my goal is to bring the Natvres Mortes aesthetic to the world of tattooing.

I saw that you collaborated with Rainbath Visual for a zine. Can you tell us a bit more about what kind of relationship you have with RV? Would you consider doing a zine yourself and what are your favorite ones (if any)?
Rainbath and I are very much kindred spirits. We worked together to put on an art show in Oakland in June and spent several weeks living and working together and became close. I'm a huge fan of his artwork and I can also come to him for advice. We have very similar aesthetics but work in totally different ways. The zine was made to commemorate our art show. I might make a zine again in the future but am concentrating on other things. 

Are you into comics or graphic novels? Which ones are your favorites?
Nope, I never really got into comics or graphic novels.

Who’s your last girl crush? Boy crush?
What an odd question, I'm assuming you mean not known to me personally. Girl crush: Zola Jesus. Boy crush: Jenks Miller.

I recently discovered
Hyuna Ji’s work and I think you would appreciate it. What do you think about the reinterpretation of the traditional nature/death/esoteric symbols?
I think it only makes sense that modern artists continue to incorporate ancient and symbolic imagery. I feel like as technology and civilization advanced, culture, mystery and magic was lost as a result. There's a thirst for something that can't be easily explained or found on the internet, and many of these symbols and imagery are very pleasing to the eye and connect with people on an unspoken level.

What did you listen to when you answered those questions?!
This took me a little bit of time to do, so throughout the course I listened to Chelsea Wolfe, Death In June and Bosse-de-Nage.

Anything special to add?
Thank you for conducting this interview and thank you to whoever reads it.

See you readers!

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