Friday, 19 October 2012

Our Song ♪ ♫

Our Song, directed by Jim McKay, is a very sincere and deep movie about a friendship between three young women, Lanisha (Kerry Washington), Maria (Melissa Martinez), and Joycelyn (Anna Simpson). They all live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and play in a community marching band (The music sequences in the movie are absolutely awesome!). It takes place at the end of summer, when they are about to make some crucial decisions regarding their respestive lives. 

The whole movie deals with existential themes such as friendship, love and family. What I love the most about that movie, is the authenticity of the portrayal of the girls. The director did a great job to express the complexity of the situations the girls go through. Nothing is exaggerated or embellished, it is just a raw slice of life.

Some critics present this movie as an alternative to Kids but I would say it is much more than that. If you wanna watch the movie, it is streamable on youtube:

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