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Womeninspiration Vol.3

Dana Jade is a sexy hot rock 'n' roller wearing blood red dresses. She's involved in many great projects and she was kind enough to answer some questions... I discovered her with her fantastic cover of the M.I.A. song Galang. I advice you so watch it below before reading the interview... to see how awesome she is! You can also listen to the whole album on SoundCloud! I currently listen to She Or I Go on repeat, that's a fucking amazing song.

I saw that you come from Trinidad. Besides Nicki Minaj, I don’t know many artists coming from this part of the world to be honest. How would you describe your home land? How do your roots influence your current work and persona?
It's hard to describe succinctly but it's a very diverse, very rich place culture wise. The rhythms that surrounded me growing up have indeed influenced my music. There are a couple of tracks that have straight up soca beats! Perfect for winin' and ting! ;-)

You said in an interview that there was no rock n roll school in Trinidad when you were younger. Talking about rock n roll education you may have heard of the Rock Camp for Girls project. Many great artists like Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Kathleen Hanna, Me’shell Ndegeocello, Kimya Dawson, and Martha Wainwright visited the camp. If you were invited to talk with little girls willing to explore the world of rock n roll, what would you say to them?
Well, first I'd try not to swear around the little darlings then I'd probably say ignore people who say you 'can't' and try to develop your self confidence because as grrrl players, too often people just assume we can't play. You have to have a healthy sense of self! Practise practise practise and prove them all wrong! Anything boys can do etc. Also, we become who we surround ourselves with so surround yourselves with winners! People who are successful and a positive influence, you'll know them when you meet them.

I saw everywhere that Courtney Love is one of your favorite female musicians. It’s also one of my all time icons. If you could collaborate with her and cover a song, which one would you choose and for which reasons? Have you heard of the documentary Hit So Hard about Patty Schemel?
Yes I really wouldn't exist without her and Hole! If I could cover a Hole song with Courtney I would have to choose Violet because their live performance on the 1995 MTV music awards changed my life! It was in that moment that I knew what I had to get an electric guitar and a distortion pedal ASAP! I saw the Patty Schemel doc at a film festival earlier this year and loved it! Patty was there for a Q&A session, I was totally star struck.

How does it feel now your full album is finally finished and out? Are you satisfied with it and what are the first reactions around you? Are you already working on new songs?
Oh it's such a relief! The launch party was last Wednesday I had a blast with an all new live band I was very blessed to have Laura Kidd aka She Makes War, Daisy Palmer and Cajita onstage with me! I'm very happy with the final product and the fact that it's out there now. I want the songs to have a life of their own. So, if anyone is reading this and would like a copy but is short on cash just email me. Now that the launch is behind me I can finally concentrate on writing/recording new material and yes I've already started.

Can you tell us a bit more about your action in Clit Rock? What are the upcoming projects for the organization?
I founded Clit Rock (music events created to raise awareness and funds for the organisations committed to preventing and ultimately ending FGM) last year after coming across a piece on the news about female genital mutilation (FGM), it quite frankly pissed me off and always has! I said on Facebook, half serious that I was going to create an event about raising awareness and behold "Clit Rock" was born. I borrowed the name from Skin of Skunk Anansie fame. She coined the term when asked to describe her music, I felt it worked here on many levels. My aim is for these events to be empowering and uplifting whilst dealing with something very heavy and very real. We are definitely going to win this fight, it's just a matter of time.

I really love your nose chain in the video for Shudder and your head jewelry in the video for Little Sister. What is your relationship with jewelry and what are your favorite designers/kinds of jewelry?
Ahh thank you! The nose chain is called a "nath" and it is traditionally worn by Hindu brides. In my culture, too much emphasis is placed on marriage (in my humble opinion) so this was my way of saying "I'm married to my guitar so fuck off yeah?" or something to that effect. ;-) The head jewellery in the Little Sister video is also bridal. I guess I like really intricate exotic pieces as opposed to high street 'everybody's got them' accessories. I'm also quite partial to silver rings, crosses and rosary beads.

How is it to live in London when you’re a musician? Are you a fan of the local scene and what are you favorite bands? Do you feel like London is, still today, a special place for rock n roll music?
Oh yes! I mean I romanticise the hell out of the punk era because obviously I missed that and it's a big part of the reason I moved here. But yes I absolutely love the city and it's a very exciting place to be if you're a musician. You can find anything you could possibly be into here! I've been to Soca gigs, Reggae gigs, Jazz, African, Middle Eastern, Classical Indian, Rock/Indie/Punk, Hip Hop you name it, it's here! Give thanks…
Favourite local bands right now are She Makes War, Vuvuvultures, Lola Colt and Savages who are blowing up right now, they were on Jools last week, they're going to be huge! Hopefully they spark a new in your face rock n roll revival, we definitely need one of those!

Who’s your last boy crush? Girl crush?
I find myself staring at photos of Hrithik Roshan (Bollywood actor) he's beautiful. Ongoing long term girl crush not very original I know but Angelina Jolie… Purrrrrrrr! Oh and Nigella Lawson, oh and Monica Bellucci and ohh too many to mention.

I’m going to show you some youtube links and I would like you to quickly make a short comment!
Henry Rollins is a hottie! I prefer this work though.
Dark... I like it a lot! Great song. Great voice!

Grunge baby!

Oh my God! I love this! Bluesy, dreamy, bloody! What's not to love?

Anything else to say?
Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me and for turning me on to Monster and Meg Myers. Great idea to send video links! Hope all is fabulous in your world!

Peace, Love & Riddim
Dana Jade

See you readers, xxx!

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