Saturday, 9 June 2012

Female Fronted Noise

I'm so happy that White Lung from Vancouver released a new album. I love them so much! You can STREAM/BUY it on their bandcamp. It is still wild and crazy with amazingly good vocals. Oh and also, they have a really nice tumblresque artwork. I wish I had a band like that tbh, it's like my dream teenage band. I wish you the best

If you like White Lung (no wonder!), you would probably also like epic similar bands like Vapid, Divorce (crazy energy), Batwings Catwings (amazing post-punk revival), Fever Fever. Also, before I forget, Karolina, a friend of mine, introduced me to this AMAZING underrated band recently... scream, dance and have fun ♥ It's saturday  

Play it LOUD readers, xxx

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