Monday, 11 June 2012


If I tell you big beautiful woman (♥) with dark hair and wild attitude... guess who? Beth Ditto? Well yeah it could have been her. But I'm gonna talk about another beautiful garage rock DIVA called Tina Lucchesi.

She's an amazing crazy rock n roll beauty. She played in a million of bands with cool names such as The Glamour Pussies or The Trashwomen. She also created her own label Lipstick Records. I really enjoyed The Bobbyteens when I was younger and yesterday I saw her name on (the HIGHLY recommended website) Grunnenrocks. I realized I did not talk about her before on my blogs... huge mistake. Useless fact: Kreayshawn's mother played in The Trashwomen.

My favorite song with Tina is Hot City Boy. The video is pure perfection... it's everything I love.I would love to meet her and tell her how cool she is without even trying!

 I really want everyone to discover that woman because she's fucking great. Nothing more, nothing less. Also, I discovered, thanks to Tina, a movie that I did not know titled Smithereens. And now I really really want to watch it as it's one of her all time favorites! How come I haven't seen that movie?!

See you readers, xxx

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