Monday, 14 May 2012

Chromium Dumb Belle

I recently discovered the artist Chromium Dumb Belle and I absolutely LOVE her work. It is glamourous, dramatic, baroque and mysterious. I can feel the beauty and the mystical of Jules Cheret in her art. I'm so happy when I find passsionate people like her on the internet and I always take a chance to promote them. Her official website is currently under construction but you can have a look at her blogspot and her tumblr - beautiful pictures and great source of inspiration.

Recent work

 She kindly accepted to fill in a portrait chinois for my blog and here are the results:

- a fabric?

- a gesture/position?

- a negative feeling?

- a positive feeling?

- a color combination?
Black and gold, white and white... bloody reds with inky blues
- a brand? No thanks... neither as a company or the kind on someone's bottom or forehead...
- a precise date? The 12th of Never
- a historic period? Every day
- a school subject? Drama
- a performance artist? Kazuo Ohno

- a painter? Max Ernst

- a man?
Sergei Paradjanov

- a font?

- a taboo? So tricky

- a religious figure? By Leonor Fini

- a body part? Hands

- a forgotten object? I would forget what i was if i were a forgotten object
- a bad habit? All of them

- a piece of jewelry?

- a music video? Henry Cow - No More Songs

Thanks to Chromium Dumb Belle and see you readers, xx

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