Monday, 14 May 2012

Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance

Found on fuckyeahfemmes, Riot Acts is a documentary film by Madsen Minax about trans and gender variant musicians. AKA a TRANSFABULOUS ROCKUMENTARY. 
 Featured interviewees include Anderson Toone, Lipstick Conspiracy, Katastrophe and Trannysaurus Sex (San Francisco), Basic Fix (Portland), Ryder Richardson (Seattle), Tough Tough Skin, and Venus Demars (Minneapolis), Adhamh Roland (St. Louis), Ryka Aoki De La Cruz (Los Angeles), Jessica Xavier (Washington, DC), The Shondes and Novice Theory (Brooklyn, NY), The Degenerettes (Baltimore), Systyr Act (Boston), The Cliks (Toronto), and Coyote Grace (Sonoma County, CA).

"(Riot Acts) beautifully traces the meaning of 'transition' in terms of bodies, voice, humor and grace. A must see film!" Jack Halberstam, Author of In A Queer Time and Place and Female Masculinity

See you, xx

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