Tuesday, 8 May 2012

RAD Alert

1. Vengeance & The Panther Queen led by the wild Tara McCormack. I came across that band this morning and was totally amazed. 4 pieces of in your face punk music below!

2.Black Moth whose album, Killing Jar, is out today is another awesome band to watch out. Beautiful and dark grunge/stoner music with a talented female vocalist. Also, they have a brilliant artwork made by
Vania Zouravliov

3. I just discovered Awakening: Females in Extreme Music, a 90's metal compilation featuring the great Runhild Gammelsaeter on its beautiful artwork. I can NEVER get enough of these ladies. Can be found here - the songs are not always good but still, it's interesting. By the way, if you like punk/metal and female vocalists, don't forget to check out this radio/podcast website owned by Lilith Von Fraumench.

4. Nothing new but, as a teenager, I was a HUGE Kittie fan. I listened to their first album a million times to be honest. I was so happy to see that a youtube user posted a 60 minutes doc about them from their DVD Spit in the eye. In case you want to turn back time... this is the right video. I am still looking for a Kittie tee shirt from the first/second album era.

5.I'm definitely looking for The Year of My Japanese Cousin featuring L7 bassist Janis Tanaka and 7 Year Bitch singer Selene Vigil. The film also starred Muffs drummer Chris Crass and Northwest rock engineer Kurt Bloch.

6. I hate hunting but I'm totally into those bands at the moment...

Bye readers!

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